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  We are a full service, all breed dog grooming studio.  We have been providing stylish make-overs for dogs for over 35 years.  Our convenient location on Cheviot Road makes us quickly accessible to all areas of Greater Cincinnati.  Being dog owners ourselves, we love a wide range of breeds from rescue mutts to purebreds to "designer dogs"!  We understand the importance of not only pet health, but also pet fashion.  We groom dogs of all sizes, ages (including puppies) and temperments. Our services include hair cuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and baths including a natural flea shampoo and personal touches such as cologne, bows and bandanas, and virtually anything else grooming related.  Our most popular complete package consists of a first cut, ear cleaning, nail trimming, thorough brushing, bath, anal glands drained, gentle drying, and finish cut with style, bows, bandana and cologne.  Our staff has over 85 years of combined experience and can style dogs with alot of hair or barely any at all.  We take great pride in giving you and your dog the highest quality work at a reasonable price.  Our studio is safe and clean, and the grooming is done in plain view.  We feel strongly that each client and their pet are unique and deserve only the best, so please call or stop by to schedule an appointment. 
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"They've been grooming my Scotti for three years and I'm very pleased with the service" Mary Robinson
"The prices are great. the people are great and my dog loves to go there" John Hogan